Welcome to Lady Laura's Dolls, we are very proud to present beautiful, realistic looking newborn baby dolls and kits.

Newborn Baby Dolls so real you can almost hear them cry.

Lady Laura’s Dolls

Newborn and reborn baby dolls have become a beautiful art form! Those lovely, natural-looking figures have become very popular, today. People and avid collectors from DSC00719all over the world are fascinated by the breathtakingly realistic-baby-lookalike toy dolls which are frequently displayed over the internet. Many artists are sculpting, many of us are newborning, reborning or even collecting. Some people are simply delighted to cuddle a beautiful newborn baby doll. In some nursing homes, these real-to-life figures bring great joy to some residents suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. Perhaps for some, it brings back memories of their own children from many years ago and it allows them the opportunity to nurture a small infant once again. Many people enjoy those beautiful, natural-looking toy baby dolls. Whatever their reasons are, everybody's happy!

3 dolls with sign Today, children also enjoy the baby look-alikes that are sold in the stores. Many young girls eagerly love to play 'Mommy' to these adorable, lifelike figures. Reborn kits have become available more recently over the past fifteen years or so. In the past, reborners, would cut the plastic cable ties to unattach the vinyl head, limbs, and cloth- bodied baby doll. The person would then remove the head, strip the paint off the vinyl part of it, and completely wash the doll, ridding it of its original colour. Some people still prefer reborning at the present time. If the figure was completely vinyl, (without a cloth body), a person could just pull off the limbs, and strip it of its paint. Others would sand the baby's head, as well, before washing it, then drying it completely. Then the reborning process would begin.

Today, many artists who sculpt for a living, create a reborn baby doll, then, have a prototype made of it. The design of the baby look-alike is put on vinyl, creating newborn baby doll kits, for newborning purposes. A person these days can decide whether to use the old method of disassembling a store bought one, then reborning it or to buy a kit to perform the newborning process. Many people these days make a good living from selling their reborn babies, newborn dolls, and reborn baby doll kits. If you decide to try your hand at newborning, remember, it is an art form, so please have fun creating your own gorgeous, newborn baby doll!