Welcome to Lady Laura's Dolls, we are very proud to present beautiful, realistic looking newborn baby dolls and kits.

Newborn Baby Dolls so real you can almost hear them cry.

Lady Laura’s Dolls

Lady Laura’s Dolls is ready for the Holidays.

1 - Xmas Dolls               Lady Laura has turned on the Christmas tree lights. Mrs. Claus has awoke to prepare for her busy day. Mrs. Claus gets up early every morning to serve Santa his morning coffee, Ginger Bread pancakes and of course a healthy glass of milk. Santa kisses Mrs. Claus, reads his North Pole Daily Newspaper and eats hearty before his work begins. Santa’s elves gather around him in his workshop to help out and sort all the dolls and toys. They know that Christmas is around the corner and they really have to hustle. It’s nearly time to hitch up the sleigh, because it’s all for a good Claus! Mrs. Claus, Santa and his elves and Lady Laura’s Dolls would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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Lady Laura’s beautiful newborn baby dolls are a treasure for every member of the family to cherish. Each doll is carefully designed, crafted, stitched and painted by hand to form a realistic likeness of an adorable newborn or baby. Lady Laura’s artfully crafted baby dolls are the perfect way to commemorate a new addition to your family or give your child a special friend they can play with and care for.

Lady Laura’s exceptional doll designers put love and care into each realistic baby doll, so they exhibit the same angelic innocence and fragility as a real baby. Each baby doll’s eyes glow with life, or they sleep soundly with the peaceful expression of a beloved newborn. Just like real babies, every baby doll is different and special, with unique faces, expressions, skin tones, hair types and clothes.

See the gallery of baby dolls for sale, as well as fairy dolls, Barbie dolls, Christmas dolls, porcelain dolls, accessories and much more. Lady Laura’s dolls can be shipped anywhere in the USA or Canada. Find the perfect gift for your child or a wonderful way to celebrate your growing family. But children or families aren’t the only ones who enjoy these beautiful newborn baby dolls; Lady Laura’s dolls have also graced the homes of doll collectors and prop people. These stunning dolls have been used in television shows and stage productions throughout North America!

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