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Newborn Baby Dolls so real you can almost hear them cry.


Give your daughter a striking addition to her doll collection with a porcelain doll from Lady Laura. Each porcelain doll is impeccably crafted, painted and dressed with an adorable, childlike face and soft lavish clothing in various styles. Whether you are looking for a tea party princess, a bedtime baby doll, a lifelike newborn doll or something special for your child or collection, Lady Laura has a beautiful friend just for you.

All porcelain dolls, like Lady Laura’s lifelike newborn dolls, are handcrafted with meticulous detail. Each design and outfit is different and displays a new lovely lady that every child will adore. Baby Angel dolls are the perfect nighttime protector for your daughter, while the elegant ladies in their silk dresses make beautiful daytime companions. From their faces to their clothes to their fingertips, each doll is a realistic a lifelike work of art that every child or collector will be proud to display.

Lady Laura crafts and ships lifelike newborn dolls, baby dolls, porcelain dolls, and other dolls anywhere in the USA and Canada. Order your special gift online or contact Lady Laura for more information.

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